Brian's Weekly Projects! Yay!

Brian's Weekly Projects! Yay! - student project


A simple game of Breakout... 2d style! Built from scratch of course with added background music from

Also added a rather amusing game over sound when you miss the ball. Check it out. Hope you enjoy :)

Brian's Weekly Projects! Yay! - image 1 - student project


A little late, but here's Week 2's Project! A soldier makes his rounds guarding some 'magcal boxes'.

Implemented walking animation for soldier and placed him in a rotated loop so that he walks around the crates. Gave him footstep sounds effects that loop. Implemented the skybox, added texture and bump map to the plane and put some trees in the background.

Why are the crates magical? Because when you click on each one something magical happens! They make a sound, change color and rotate until you click on them again to stop. Attached is an image but please check out the link below to interact with the app and to see it in action. Any feedback is welcome. Thanks for looking! :)

Brian's Weekly Projects! Yay! - image 2 - student project

 *Note*- ground texture is less detailed in web player, I assume that's because it was formatted for the web and thus compressed to enable faster loading. If there's a way to enable the best texture quality in the web player setting please let me know.


Decided to build a basic room. Used planes to create the walls, built the table and chairs out of basic shapes, then applied textures.  Even added arm rests to the chairs. Finally, placed a single textured sphere on the table for a greater impact :)

Brian's Weekly Projects! Yay! - image 3 - student project