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Brian's Superhero Emporium

This is the first step in creating a new website. I've decided to devote my site to superheroes, but I don't yet know the details of my site. I just figured that this is something I'm interested in, and I can foresee this page having lots of images, text, pages, and links. goes!!



So, I haven't updated this page in a while, but I'm trucking along. I just finished Lesson 2.1, and I'm a little worried I'm moving too fast. I'm definitely understanding everything as we're going, and I've managed to successfully make all the updates to my project, but maybe I need to take more breaks and let things sink in before rushing on to the next. I'm worried I'll start forgetting things from previous lessons. anyway, for now, my project is turning out great! I don't have a url to post, and I'm not sure if I'll get one for this project. We'll see...



I just finished lesson 2.2, all of the CSS stuff prior to positioning. It's going really well, and I aced the last quiz. So far it's coming really easily to me, though from some past experience with codecademy, the stuff that was most confusing to me was actually positioning my html elements on the page. That's what I'm expecting to be the tricky part. I'm enjoying learning all of this so much! Things are really coming along.



Well, that took a while. I just finished 3.1, the styling and positioning section. I'm balancing this course with my daily workflow, so I haven't spent as much time on this as I'd like. Plus, this section is much longer and more complicated than previous sections. This is where I was afraid I'd start losing it, but things are coming along nicely! I've got my page styled fairly well, though I've basically done it the same way that the example is styled. Still, I'm definitely getting the hang of positioning and styling, so I'm very excited about that! The rest of this course should pretty much all be brand new territory for me, so I don't know what's in store. I'm ready!



All right, I've got my nav bar fixed in place, and I tried my hand at creating a sprite from scratch. I don't actually know how to use photoshop, so it was a little tricky for me. I found this site for making sprites though:

So, I did image searches for various social media icons, and then I used iPhoto (which I'd also never used before) to both re-size them and make black-and-white versions of each of them. After that, I was able to drag each individual image into spritepad and place them how I needed them. Finally, I was able to download the completed sprite from spritepad and put it in my images folder. After that, I spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to make it work, but it turned out I had a typo in my link to my image. Once I fixed that, it all worked like magic!

I also did some additional styling to my nav bar. It's looking a little cheesy, but I just wanted to make the effect work. Now when you hover over one of the links/buttons, the background turns into an image of lightning. Also, the link to the page you're currently on has red text. I'm not in love with it, but it's functioning correctly, and I'm happy enough with it for now. Things are going swimmingly!



I finished the responsive layout section on Friday, and it's going well. I noticed I had to tweak the screen dimensions in my code in order to account for the larger iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy phones, but it didn't cause me any issues. I did have some difficulties figuring out how to get MAMP to work, but that's because I was trying to use the fre trial version of MAMP Pro instead of the free version, so the instructions in the class didn't match up with the version of MAMP I was seeing. Once I got past that, things rolled along, and I'm happy with how the site is responding. Not much left to this course! I'm wondering how much additional info I'll need after this course to actually start getting work as a web developer. Probably a lot. But, in any case, I'm feeling pretty smart and capable.



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