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BrianneDraws etsy shop branding

June 19, 2015

Hi! Thanks for the skillshare class! Enjoyed thinking more about my personal brand (which is essentially non-existant at the moment). I'm hoping to come up with a brand prodominately for my etsy shop that I could carry over to all social media platforms. It would be nice to have an over-all "brand" that is more unified and thought out. 

Here's my current etsy shop BrianneDraws. I already had the name, went with something a bit broad, since I wasn't sure if I would be expanding from just cut paper illustrations. The look of my shop is pretty simple right now/not very unique as far as branding. I launched my etsy about 2 monthes ago, but haven't taken the time to really get creative with the overall look of my shop. 

Also this is the brand statement I've been using:

"I initially started creating cut paper art as part of a personal project. It's just starting to expand and blossom in to something more. I'm loving the process and exploring the medium of cut paper art!"

Will probably be re-examining this as I start designing my logo and brand.


Here's my mood board of some brands/logos I liked. I'm definetly liking the pastels, golds, and more elegant fonts. 





Here's some thoughts on my clients/types of clients I think I could have:

Client #1:

A mother of two, in her thirties. She's looking for a unique family portrait for her home as a gift for her husband. 

Client #2:

A male in his mid-twenties. He's recently married and looking for a one year anniversary present for his new wife. He's like a custome portrait of himself and his wife from thier wedding day. 

Client #3:

Female in her early twenties. She's looking for a piece of art for her dorm and is on a budget. She'd like a print of a paper illustration she likes.


Planning to update soon! Lots to think about.


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