Brewmasters Best Friend

There are two things I really enjoy: Computers (I work for a large IT co.) and Beer (I'm a third generation home brewer!). The combination of these two loves has given me an idea to make a home brews app. The reason for this is that I (as well as my father and grandfather) have always kept somewhat extensive notes of the brewing process so we know exaclty why our beer tastes like it does when its done. I have a notebook full of the brewing information from my brews and I'd really like to digitize the process so I can keep these on a smaller platform. Home brewers like to swap recipes and ingredient lists, so this would make the process much easier.

The main goals of this process:

     - Allow user to enter the process they follow (this app will focus on dual fermentation system but I may expand it later.)

     - Allow user to track and compare various statistics (specific gravity - alcohol content, temperatures, times, etc.)

     - Allow user to record ingreidient lists

     - Allow user to send a file containing brewing info in an importable log that can be emailed or transferred to other devices


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