Brett Dooley

Project Start (5 Dec 2012)  (If TL;DR, here are the direct links to the free music)

My goal is to improve the communication with fans with the intended result being greater fan recruitment, retention and participation.  My starting point is with these two bands, Throb Zombie and The Whiskey Treats, in which I am the lead singer, rhythm guitar player, and primary songwriter.  

Throb Zombie has been a group for over 2 years, and has self-recorded and released an initial demo EP, a full-length CD, and 2 additional singles which we currently offer for free online, or as a purchase from all the major online distributers.  Additionally the CD is physically available from CD Baby.  This is our primary press photo we use:

Throb Zombie primary band photo

The photoshopped taped over head is something only our longer term fans would get, as it is caused by the replacement of our lead guitar player.  I anticipate that this will remain somewhat humerous for a few months, and we are planning to update the photo soon as we gain fans that only know the new guitar player.

Our full length CD used this art:

Throb Zombie CD art

The Whiskey Treats is a more recent project, and only has a limited amount of branding and one demo song.  The current logo and band picture we are using is this:

That's where we are at right now...


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