Brenna Cade : Artist + Designer

Brenna Cade : Artist + Designer - student project

Brenna Cade : Artist + Designer - image 1 - student project

I'm Brenna Cade, an Artist & Designer.  My goal is to encourage creative living through handcrafted accessories, handpainted works of art and en eye for detail and design in everyday life.

My ultimate brand story is encouraging creative living for others by offering a variety of products that bring a little joy and color to their lives.  I want my products to show others that you can use various mediums and creative skills to live the creative life you are meant to live.

The first product line offering will be a collection of light, yet colorful, original and art print abstract paintings.  Offering both the original and a print option will allow various price points, and open up my potential customer base to include people who don't yet have the funds to purchase and collect original art pieces.  I want to make surrounding yourself with colorful and creative pieces that speak to you accessible.