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Breath of Fresh Air


Welcome to my photo project. I'm  new to photography, so bare with me as I give this a go! Any feedback is certainly welcome. I hope you enjoy.

Lesson #1 - Introduction to Composition

[Photo 1   Golden Leaves] In this photo I was attempting to establish the golden leaves as the foreground, the forest trees as the mid-ground, and the sky as the background. I was also trying to line up the branch with the top third line, running horizontally.

[Photo 2   Barn ]   I am happy with how this one turned out and I'm not even sure why! However, in the technical sense I was trying to again establish the three fore/mid/backgrounds, using the snow bank that is right up front near my camera as the immediate foreground. I also tried to place the barn on a vertical third line. 

[Photo 3   Winter ]  This photo is a child starting out on a winter hike. I was using her as the foreground, and the forest/the far off people as the mid/background. I was attempting an angle that would show were she was headed, adding some depth. By offsetting her to the left, her head is about the location of the golden ratio spiral.

[Photo 4   Father, Daughter]   This is a photo is a photo of a father and a daughter feeding chickadees in a winter forest. I took the photo from an angle that showed the symmetry of their similar postures, which I think added depth to the photo.


[Photo 5   Mama]  This photo is of a mother watching her son meet his big cousin. The two cousins create the foreground, the mother the midground and the wall behind her is the background. I like the emotions this photo was able to capture.


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