Breath of Fresh Air

Breath of Fresh Air - student project

Breath of Fresh Air - image 1 - student projectBreath of Fresh Air - image 2 - student project


This class was a much needed “out-of-the-box” thinking course for me. Loved the different comfort zone breaking elements! 

Up first, the rough extreme pose exercises. Surprised at how well the “no look” drawing came out.




Breath of Fresh Air - image 3 - student project


Shaping up to be an interesting test in drawing a body in a defined space!





Breath of Fresh Air - image 4 - student project


Body poses cut-outs in one continuous cut.




Breath of Fresh Air - image 5 - student project


The rough sketch for the final project...


 Breath of Fresh Air - image 6 - student project


The final project! Special thanks to instructor Tom Froese for the course!  It was thought provoking and fun to explore how to push my characters a bit further in their expressive poses and looks!