Breath Easy

Breath Easy - student project

update 5/12: Put it on a pretty background :)

Breath Easy - image 1 - student project

update 4/14: Ta da! Here's the final, in all caps with some curls. I scanned the sketch, made it a bitmap in photoshop to get it on its own layer and added some texture. I'm pretty happy with the way it came out, aside from the 'B' looking a tad too small :)Breath Easy - image 2 - student project

update 3/21/13:

Attempting an all-cups version. Calm down! I didnt whip out my ruler yet... just putting it down on paper with no technical restrictions.

Breath Easy - image 3 - student project

Here are the initial sketches. The idea came to me while sitting in the doctor's office. Was wondering why the walls have to look so drabby and how calming it would be if there were funny/positive quotes on the wall. I'm a newbie to lettering so any feedback is appreciated. AND I just realized that breath needs an 'e' so I'm glad I caught that now.

 Breath Easy - image 4 - student projectBreath Easy - image 5 - student project

Breath Easy - image 6 - student project

Updated the letterforms. I couldn't help but add color :)

 Breath Easy - image 7 - student projectBreath Easy - image 8 - student project

Mushky Ginsburg

Art director and designer