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Week 3



Week 2

Trying to make an old school (Eye of the Beholder-style) RPG prototype for the week 2 homework. Got the player walking around bits working -- no wall collisions yet.

DropBox link for working web build:

Keyboard controls:

W - walk forward

S - walk backwards

A - step left

D - step right

Q - turn left

E - turn right

Click on gold with left mouse button (still in progress)



Week 1

Homework Week 1: A simple moonlit scene in a simple town with simple justice.

The entire scene is made from asset store prop and texture imports, plus two planes: one for ground and one for the sky. The layout is entirely geared towards making my camera angle work, so it would look pretty silly from another angle.

I really don't like the flat ground, but didn't want to burn too much time making something better for this assigment. I also forgot that I had originally wanted to include the nicely detailed cart that came with one of the prop bundles -- might add it later just for fun.

  • Moonlight: one dark blue/purple directional light at a low angle.
  • Ground: a plane with a texture from a rock texture pack
  • Sky: a vertical plane rotated to work well for this exact camera angle, textured with a skybox texture I took out of one of the cloud offerings in the store. I had to change the shader to use vertex lighting to pick up the correct moonlight from my directional light. This is not a skybox, I just borrowed a material from one.
  • Plants/trees/axe/chopping block/well: all props from various asset store bundles. I did spend a bunch of time adjusting the base colors on the props where possible to make the lighting more consistent. Had to turn off a light source that was built into the well pre-fab.


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