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Breaking the Silos!

SINGs happen. Coincidences? Synchronicity? Fate? FLOW? All of the above?! On the train this morning I was mulling over and filling in the "10. Integrate the Core Values..." worksheet. I was trying to recall our institution's 9 core values newly gathering a few months ago but not really integrated. Maybe they're even forgotten by now. I had trouble recalling them! A couple of us, here, have been chewing over how to keep it alive. Some of my ideas for next steps are on this paper. It hit me that it is important to "break the silos" (which I wrote under the "Team Building" heading on the sheet) that are pretty securely in place here and that keep things moving but at what ultimate price for us as a community (and "community" is one of our values!)?

Train pulls into station so I open my Fast Company magazine quickly to stick my plan inside for protection in my backpack and I open to, the unread so far, page 77 and SMILE...the heading that catches my eye reads "Break Down The Silos." Whoa. I must be on the right track.

Stay tuned, my friends.

Oh and here's the link for my powerpoint earlier project

I'd like to honor that and carry it forward by sharing it here all in sum. Thanks for all of your great ideas and all the best to you. This class has been very supportive and energizing and thoughtful, too.


Marianne L. Sade


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