Sumit Dutta

Consultant, Career Coach & Recruitment Specialist



Breaking into the Hidden Job Market: Get your Dream Job

Did you know that hundreds of thousands of high salary jobs are filled each month that are never seen on job boards?

When it comes to job searching, most people go to the ¨traditional¨ or published job market the job ads section of the newspapers, job banks, such as Monster or Indeed or recruiting agencies. But, unfortunately, the traditional job-search model is broken, broken, broken.

It is a well known fact that using job boards exclusively in your job search will leave you confounded and frustrated. Sure, you might be qualified for the positions for which you are applying – but posting your resume online is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. 

There are lots of job vacancies out there that are never advertised. These unadvertised jobs are called "the hidden job market". If you're only using online job searches to look for work, you're missing out on a lot of the jobs that are out there. This course will help you identify strategies to tap into this hidden market which account for more than 80% of the opportunities.

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