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Breaking Through Barriers

Day 3 - Today I was super excited about utilizing my new magic bowl! And I added more materials to the draw. I was less excited about being timed. I always feel pressured with being timed and it made me pretty uncomfortable at first. Today I chose the subject of "fruit" expressed with a pencil. 

I was actually really surprised at what came out! I've never drawn a banana before...or a Bananapple. So proud of myself!! :D


Day 2 - Following through with the next step of this project took most the day to break through the inertia of apathy. I did end up getting inspired with my magic bowl by creating TWO sides to it. One side has the ideas of what to draw (which I found extremely helpful!) and because of all the different shapes and sizes of my mediums I crumpled up papers and put them in the other side of the bowl. (Picture below) 

I really liked this combination because it really allows completely letting go of the minds desire to control what shows up with the artistic expression. So for today I chose a Sharpie with the subject of "my favorite things" -- What ended up being expressed with this was really fun to do, to just let my mind go with it. Never done anything like this before!



Day 1 - Pulled some colored sharpies from nearby and started to make some random shapes. I feel the hardest thing is getting started and committing to moving forward with the expression. I have been struggling with my personal potential in considering myself an artist. Looking forward to this class helping me!



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