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Breaking News

EDIT: I wrote this before I watched the lesson 2 video, where the idea was brough up almost verbatim. Journalists know better than anyone not to plagiarize, so I'll pitch another idea soon.

What was written before:

Break the news... before the news breaks you!

What is it?

The players take the roles of intrepid newspaper reporters striving to get the scoop that will land them the coveted front page spot in the next day's edition of The Daily News. They've got to speak with sources, review documents and string the facts together into the most compelling piece possible - all before deadline! 

Along the way, the reporters will run into obstacles that hamper their project: cranky editors demanding they also shoot a quick video, uncooperative sources, and the despair of knowing they work in a dying industry.

The players collect cards as they progress, with occasional windfalls and hindrances appearing at the whims of a die. The players have X number of turns until deadline to create the most compelling story possible based on several categories, determined by the cards.

Swell. So how does it really work?

The mechanics are still being refined. The idea is currently being developed by a current newspaper man enjoying soda and whisky after another late night in the office. This section will be updated with more concrete information soon (currently typing it up rest of post in a word processor).

Public domain clip art courtesy of clker.


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