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Breaking Loose

I quite surprised myself.  I enjoyed doing this one and was pleased with the result.

Having lived a lot of years in the Australian desert I thought I'd have a go at an outback scene. The colours look rather different to what they really are - especially the sky. The streak down the right hand side was just an experiment and is a mix of the ultra marine blue and burnt sienna that feature largely in the scene. I'm still making up my mind on that one!!  Angela Fehr recommends Kees van Aalst for semi abstract scenery.  I've just ordered his book - it looks fascinating. 

Got the idea from Donna someone.  Can't remember the surname,  I'm feeling like I'm getting a bit of a breakthrough.  I hope it lasts!!

A couple of bells that were fun to paint.

Here's my attempt at a bit of a copy from Pablo Herrero.  I would like to get into more abstracty landscapes in watercolour.  I'm wondering how to go about it but experimenting with some possibilities. Anyone got any suggestions?

Here's my latest attempt at breaking free

Just added my latest painting.  It was done mainly with a chinese brush.  I quite enjoyed doing it and a new approach to anything attempted previously. 

I wondered if this was a bit too monotone so added some more colour.  What do you think?  Is it an improvement or not?  Would appreciate your comments.

Here's some poppies.  This site serves as a rather useful journal and always helpful to get a bit of feed back!!  

No, they're not tomatoes.... try rose hips!! :)

Here's an addition - the abandonded rusty truck.  I know, its far too fussy!!  Please don't be too kind,  I'd love to hear any comments on how you would simplify it and do it differently.  I really want this to be a learning curve so I'm very open to any constructive criticism.  I look forward to your comments.

Having recently invested in some more expensive paper I had a go at painting a couple of apples.  I must say, I surprised myself.  I really didn't think they would come out so well.  I'm not sure if its a fluke, having watched Angela's video or whether the paper really does make a big difference.  So here they are... if the next pictures look dreadful, I'll know it's a fluke!! :)    The paper is Bockingford 300g and the paints are Lukas 1862 artist quality. I used cad red, gamboge, olive green and a touch of burnt sienna in the stems.  For the shadow I used cad red as in the apple and added a bit of olive green (complement) as in the leaf. 

It was great to see that Angela is offering this online course.  I've watched so many of her videos on Youtube and loved her style, so thanks Angela.  I'm looking forward to receiving feedback from you and others in the group. 

I have had some fun experimenting with various textures.  I've experimented on wet paint, dry paint and paint that's just loosing its shine.  I lifted colour with tissues, paint brush, sprinkled salt, flicked water etc.  I tried the same exercises in violet and burnt umber.  The violet seems to get pushed around by other colours and the burnt unber seems to be quite pushy.  I was suprised to see that these particular textural results seemed to be quite similar.

Using Cad Orange I engaged in a value study...

and mixed some complimentary colours to see what the neutrals would look like



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