Breaking Creative Blocks

Breaking Creative Blocks - student project

This class was such a fun exercise in letting go for me, I am still working through letting go with certain tools an learning which ones have more fluidity for me. 

First Exercise: I used aqua ink, colored pencil, marker and pen to really just play and explore the fun of using lines and just letting my hand take over based on what feels right. 

Breaking Creative Blocks - image 1 - student project


Exercise Two: I wanted to choose the title "Stream of Unconscious Creativity" as a way to silence my inner critic that is so capable of sabotaging our creative development. Breaking Creative Blocks - image 2 - student project


Exercise Three: I love these exercises because it causes you to let go and be okay with whatever the result may be. I definitely am going to use these in my painting practice as foundational creative studies for abstract work. Breaking Creative Blocks - image 3 - student project


 I am stuck at home and constantly seeing squirrels, so I decided to draw them in all different manners. Left handed, blindly and experiment with marker, colored pencil and ink. Breaking Creative Blocks - image 4 - student project


Exercise Four: I used the song by Lady Gaga "Rain on me" to just explore with Aqua ink as I love the fluidity of the medium. 


Breaking Creative Blocks - image 5 - student project


Exercise Five: I started with the scissors and just kept going with the process and exposing marks and seeing where it takes me. 


Breaking Creative Blocks - image 6 - student project


This was an exceptional class and I will be taking more!