Hello! I found this class quite randomly but it immediately drew me in. Mostly because I'm terrible at breakfasts. As in, half the times I skip because I don't have time to make something and eat or grab some of those breakfast cookies packets you buy at the supermaket because no prep is the best. An unhealthy practice but really common to me. I'm also a college student so easy and fast and yet healthy? Sign me up.

I have only done the first recipe but it is so good and so easy to do.

Breakfasts - image 1 - student project

This photo is actually from my second batch (and I was already eating it when I remembered to take it oops?). I didn't put any fruit on top but I definitely have to in the future!  I used a blueberry greek yogurt (they were the only ones I had) and didn't put any nutmeg but it was really good anyways! 

My cookies turned into small cakes instead but they are delicious! So much that my parents ate most of them...

Breakfasts - image 2 - student project