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Breakfasts Yum

I really enjoyed this class on light, props and just taking lots and lots of photos.

Here's what I've come up with - I try to cook and bake everything myself as well, so it's been a thorough creative exercise of cooking and shooting. My apartment doesn't let in alot of light no matter what time of day and what direction. I have used a reflector and probably need to invest in makeshift lightsource to take better photos.

I love monstera leaves and managed to find them at the market, so have been using them as a textured prop against the wood table.

Thanks for the great tip on the Tych plugin - saved me lots of time on photoshop that I am still a novice at!

L: Quiche, R: Pandan Chiffon (I didn't bake this one)


L: friend made animals butter cookies, R: pandan chiffon same photo different angle for light


L: pancakes (at Elephant Grounds Hong Kong) R: Love the marble top at a friend's place and his colourful Anthropology tea set!





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