Breakfast in Red

Hello :)

My picture is mainly  focused on how to apply the lightning rules from the video on the plate and generally tried to play as much as I could with the natural light. This is my first attempt on food photography, so it is limited on something easy and dry to photograph as Julia suggested, mini croissants & jam! 

Basically, I used the side light from the light coming from a window. For the side light on the left, unfortunately because I do not have a reflector, I used a big white thick printing paper. This was the only way to smooth the strong shadow on that part. Practically, I dont think it helped that much comparing to a reflector. However, it did break down a bit the 'darkness' & I also combined it with ISO 400, f5.6, 0.5/sec in order to keep the plate bright and with some contrast.

In this occasion I have a few questions:

On the left side of the plate, do you feel that the shadow of the product is  to strong, or occupying a lot of space on the plate? How should we work the shadows of a product on the plate?

Do you think that I would need to bring light from the top? 

Do you believe that maybe using a reflector on the left back side would enough? Would it be wrong instead of a reflector to use and bring light in from that side?

Any comments or advise for the image or for future reference will much helpful.

Thank you



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