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Breakfast at Tiffany's

Breakfast at Tiffany's is my favorite book. It's the only book that I've read  more than once. Holly is one of the most memorable fictional characters for me, so I chose to use the letter 'H.' The difficult part is differentiating the images I have in my head from the movie and the images from the actual book.

The whole idea behind the title, "Breakfast at Tiffany's" is that having breakfast at Tiffany's is a way to relieve 'the mean reds' - which despite what your first thought might be of that is not bloody feces (sorry for the mental picture). 'The mean reds' not to be confsed with the blues is angst, or a feeling that something bad is about to happen or that something is just not right. So for Holly, breakfast at Tiffany's is a calming and safe place where everything is right and nothing bad could possibly happen.

The words that embody Holly's character are carefree, bohemian, naive/unaware, free spirit. She is unintentionally classy in the way she dresses and she randomly inserts french words into her sentences. Holly has a cat who she calls "Cat" because he doesn't actually belong to her. She does not have many possessions because she doesn't feel that she belongs anywhere yet. I want to convey this with the drop cap.

I like the pearl idea because of the connection to Tiffany's but it doesn't really match the carefree spirit that I'm trying to show.


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