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Kim Nunley

Writer & Filmmaker



Breakfast at Gerardo's

UPDATE 7.25.13

Here are my thumbnail sketches for each of my main beats. It's difficult for me to hand sketch exactly what's in my head. All of you are INCREDIBLE artists!

UPDATE 7.22.13

Although my script is completely written, I went through and broke it out into separate beats to create the paradigm so I know which scenes to sketch out first.


I'll be storyboarding a short film that I wrote and am producing later this summer. It's called BREAKFAST AT GERARDO'S and it's inspired by real-life events. One day while sitting in a car, I saw an elderly man riding a tandem bike alone, which got me thinking about why he would be doing such a thing. Thus, this story came about:

After losing his wife, eighty-year old Herman struggles to ride up a steep hill alone on a tandem bike built for two to prove that he doesn’t need anyone else to make it along.


I'll be using Photoshop!


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