Break the Rules to Spark Creativity

Break the Rules to Spark Creativity - student project

I really enjoyed this game and will do it again in the future whenever I feel like I am getting too bottled up in perfection.

I didn't have separate pieces of paper so I just did it across pages in my sketchbook but it seemed to work alright though I did have to stop to let the watercolor dry. Break the Rules to Spark Creativity - image 1 - student projectThe first two pages contain the first 4 drawings.


-Drawing 1-

I started with a very limited color palatte and pulled out supplies within the confines. I found a little blue bird sculpture I have on my piano.

Using the limited colors helped me think outside the box.

Adjective: Cute

-Drawing 2-

The rule I broke (or I guess added) was that I had to draw in geometric shapes.

I really enjoyed how fun this looks and that it has a fun, playful essence that I don't normally have in my art.

Adjective: Fun

-Drawing 3-

I kept the geometric shapes but disallowed sketching.

I find this one could use some extra time. I really enjoyed the direction it was taking. In the future I want to explore the geometric more both sketchy and unsketchy.

Adjective: Abstract

-Drawing 4-

Rule: Outline only and geometric shapes

This is probably my least favorite of the 10 drawings. You can see that it is still a bird but the blockiness just isn't for me.

Adjective: Blocky

Break the Rules to Spark Creativity - image 2 - student projectDrawing 5,6,7 and 8

-Drawing 5-

Rule: Took away the need for geometric and limited the supplies to just highlighter and colored pencil.

This is another unfinished piece. It doesn't need much just a few more lines to really bring the closure I think it needs.

Abjective: Cartoon

-Drawing 6-

Rules: No pink allowed

It is interesting to see just how abject and less exact the pieces became as the game progressed.

Abjective: Picasso-esaue (something about the eye just really makes me think about Picasso)

-Drawing 7-

Rule: Negative space and no pink

This is another drawing I found unfinished though I am not entirely sure what I could do to finish it.

Abjective: Edgar Allan Poe (yes, I made a person an adjective, but hey it does look a little raven-esque)

-Drawing 8-

Rules: No watercolor and negative space

I don't list this on the page but looking at it now again I really am not a fan of this piece. It is too noisy and no large. Highligher may not be the a good supply.

Break the Rules to Spark Creativity - image 3 - student project

Drawing 9&10, plus 10 things I learned.

-Drawing 9-

Rule: No color and positive space.

I like the sketchiness of this. I don't normally use my brush pen. I may need to do it more often.

Adjective: Sketchy

-Drawing 10-

Rules: Draw from memory and color back

I thought it would be interesting to see what I could remember about the little figurine after drawing from it nine times already. You can kind of see some the elements of the previous pieces creep in.

Adjective: Fun

---My Experience---

It was definitely fun. The unknown time was a little frustrating but the unexpected also made me more creative. Would repeat "the game" again.

---10 Things I Learned-- 

1) Art can be interpretive and still look like the thing.

2) Limited color palattes help with looseness.

3) "rule breaking" is a good way to unblock and loosen up.

4) Geometric shapes are fun.

5) Negative space could use some work.

6) Not sure I love highlighters as art supplies.

7) I should sketch more with straight pen (ballpoint).

8) Mixing "unlike" supplies really makes me think outside the box.

9) Drawing from memory would be good to do both near the beginning and end of the exercise.

10) There is perfection in the messy.