Break the 140# Barrier!

Can I really put on muscle that stays longer than two weeks?

Will I really be bigger than I've ever been able to get in the past?

My metabolism is supposedly slower in these years than in the past, so I believe I have a better chance to succeed than I ever did before.

I've been putting the gym time in, I just need to make sure I can consume the necessary foods too.

12/30 I was 129lbs.

by 2/2 I expect to reach my goal.


    1/24/13 UPDATE 


  The first two weeks were rough going.  It began w/fits and starts, but overall there was a gain of about two pounds overall.  Meh.  

  If I had an official 'restart', I'd say I really began kicking ass from about Jan 14th.  My workouts were more consistant, my food consumption was much better as well.  Thing about the first two weeks that helped everything else after the 14th, was that I ended up skipping workouts b/c I zoned out reading posts on Fitocracy about weightlifting and nutrition. (okay and some of the other random fun posts were distracting too).  Also, I've had to spend less time reading about what an exercise is, or what its description is, since I got a handle it now.  I've gained 3 more pounds in this last week.  I'm the heaviest I've ever been, and I'm a tad embarrassed about how narcissistic I've become when nobody is looking.

  Overall, I have a pretty good idea about what I'm doing and what I have to do to break through that 140# barrier.  When I break through it is a different story.  I see that I actually AM able to put on some pounds now, but its not all lean gains.  I'll be sacrificing my washboard abs for fat weight if Im not careful.  Its constant adjustments, and I'm still figuring it out, but I'm halfway there with about 10 days to go.

  New bonus target!

If its possible for me to gain 10 pounds in about a month, I'm going to add a new goal: 150#s by my birthday in April!  Swole me up, brah!


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