Break out of the Routine!

So I've been having a tug-o-war with myself since May 2012 to commit to an exercise and diet plan. I began tracking my calories and working out 6 days a week. It all went well for about 2 months before I took a week off, which became a week and a half, the 2 weeks before I started tracking my eating and exercise again. Repeat this cycle for 8 months until today.

This wavering commit has lead me to lose 23 pounds (yay!), while I still intend to lose 20 more pounds to be at my "goal" weight, I've been thinking about what it is I really want to accomplish. I'm not sure if my goal is to lose 20 additional pounds anymore. I think what I really want is to strengthen my body and let the fat loss become an afterthought. I become so burnt out with limiting my calorie intake while doing repetitive aerobic exercise for an hour. I think it's time for a change that will get me the results I really want. Biking and a calorie limit have gotten me results, but what good is it of I don't want to stick with it?

My goal is to begin weight lifting 3 days a week at home (my husband likes to pick things up and put them down, so he's a good source of motivation!). I will raise my calorie intake to a maintenance level of 1500 cal. a day, and add 20 minutes of biking or jogging on the alternating days of lifting. Wish me luck!


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