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Break In - Learning Storyboards

Update - good morning. I am working on another storyboard that I would like feedback on, if you are willing. Thank you!



UPDATE: 10/18/2013

I am attempting to bring it to the very rough level, to find that place for myself so that next time I can start there. I am also working on the following:

- Keep every frame the same size (using a template this time)

- Make sure there are no tangents (the girl had a hand tangent before)

- Work on perspective, especially with the size of the bed

- I played out htis opening sequence a bit more. Hope it works! 


Any thoughta on me starting with this?


Okay, I'm trying again. Trying to get the ROUGHS, which for some reason I am having trouble with. Are these rough enough? Any advice for how to get the roughs but still communicate what I'm going for? Thank you!

AND more to come, I just wanted to post these first to see if I'm on the right track. Thank you!


Okay, here are the first 9 pics from my second try at doing roughs. As far as the layout and feel, am I on the right path? Thank you. (concept and older roughs can be seen below)

Debating my three ideas: 

Greedy Baby: The time we weren't paying enough attention to our 6 month old daughter, and suddenly realized she'd stolen my wife's chocolate chip cookie and was going to town on it (chocolate all over her face)

Break In: The time we thought someone had broken into our house in the middle of the night and got scared, only to realize a painting had fallen off the wall. 

Sweater: The time I walked around all day, hitting on girls, etc, only to realize my sweater was inside out, long streaming tags and all. 



EX 4: Paradigm:

Beginning:Safe at home

Something HAppens: Sleeping, when BANG! What was that? A burgler? 

Middle: Stakes are Bigger: A quick look around and my wife says to grab the knives, so I do. Not going to check, scared.

All is ruined:Checking the closets, the shower curtain.... Scary!

Epiphany: Nothing. Wait a minute, why I don't I turn on the lights. Oh, it's the painting my wife hates, on the floor and broken. It must have fallen. 

Ending:  We laugh and try to go back to sleep. 

THUMBNAILS: Here's my attempt at thumbnailing it!

Before I go throgh and start adding shots and making the drawings clean and all that, does anyone have any advice on how I should be framing these better? What I should make sure to include? Thank you!


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