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Khara Woods

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Bread & Wine

To celebrate this year's passover, I'd like to depict the words: Bread and Wine as a commeration. 

APRIL 14, 2014

1:48 PM 

Wasn't satisfied with the version below, so I've tweaked things a bit. I'm not sure how I feel about this either. I want to eventually take it into Illustrator.

Just for fun, I'm uploading this to IG:

I haven't updated in a while but I've been a busy bee yet! Here's my evolution with this project, latest iteration at the very top. I've decided to keep all letters in script style, just to keep things simple. I hate my hand is so shaky, but this style makes me a bit nervous.

This is the composition I've decided on. I still don't know how to finesse the right side, something looks off about it. I've been struggling with this area since I decided on using this direction.

Scanned and enlarged. 

My very first sketch, without practicing my B and W majuscules.

MARCH 26, 2014

I've done a bit more research for this project. I'm sure I'll focus on using Roman Capitals paired with an American script, like a Spencerian script or something similar. Here's what I gathered from the Internet, and by Internet, I mean Wikipedia. Yup, I'm thorough! Ha.

This project, I hope, will be a melange of European and American styles. 

MARCH 25, 2014

I like mood boarding. This usually gets the ideas percolating for me. Here's the direction I'm currently leaning toward: a mixture of flowy scripts and sturdy Roman capitals. I obviously have more research, image harvesting to do. This is in no way exhaustive.  I'll be adding additional images to supplement what I now have, soon. 


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