Brborović family

Brborović family - student project

I had SO much fun! My family will laugh so loud when they see this crest. My grandparents lived in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but when my dad and his brothers were young they came to Croatia in search of a better life. So I incorporated colors from both countries. Maybe it's not something to brag but we all love alcohol and cigarets :) To be just a little serious I added education cap because although my parents and grandparents didn't have the possibility to get the education, they gave their best to provide us with the love, support and of course the money, and we all never took it for granted, so we are all deeply grateful for that kind of support.

I made a beard that I incorporated into crest shape because all of my male family members are very dark and hairy, and I made it in a way that resembles a heart-ish mountain (this really makes sense :)

And we were once part of Yugoslavia so for the laurel, I decided to go with the stars that once were part of every flag of Yugoslavia republics.


Brborović family - image 1 - student project

Brborović family - image 2 - student project

Brborović family - image 3 - student project