Brazil map

Brazil map - student project

So, I started my map by the country where I live (convenient). my challenge  it was pick few important landmarks of Brazil I think that since I live here I know much more than a tourist mostly about our mixing culture. 

I elect at least one by region (or more or less)

Iguazu Falls

Brasilia (capitol)

St. Johns Party

Amazon Forest

Christ Redeemer

Sugar Loaf 


Also I spotted few other items like our coffee, october festivities at south region and other small items.


here my sketchBrazil map - image 1 - student project


here my painted part (I really hated the way that ochre appeared )

Brazil map - image 2 - student project

here the final one.  the result I think that is fine for the first one, but I'm thinking in repeat it for the other latin countries of Latin America, may be nice to practice. Brazil map - image 3 - student project