Mackayla P

Marketing Manager



Braven Beauty

I have created a fictitious beauty label called Braven Beauty for this course.

Audience Analysis

Age: 17-24

Gender: Female

Location: Australia

Occupation: Creative Industries, Studying and working part-time.

Family Status: Single, living with flatmates or at home.


Motivations: To make a positive difference in the world through advocating for causes.

Frustrations: So many popular beauty labels (and bloggers supporting) that are cruel to animals.

Hobbies: Reading fiction novels, watching Netflix at home, walking dog.

Social Media: Twitter and Instagram, and rarely Facebook.


The brand will be supplying their velour liquid lipsticks that are vegan-friendly and fair-trade, to green beauty bloggers that are known for their authenticity and brave and bold outlook. Bloggers could be beauty bloggers with a little bit of politics in the mix. Alternatively, an ideal blogger for the campaign could be someone who is a feminist/political blogger who would be interested in promoting a product that is actually fair-trade and vegan-friendly, that also provides an empowering message.

The campaign itself will be centred around the message "BeautifullyBrave", which is meant to empower young women and girls to be brave enough to go after their wildest dreams despite the fears they may have. Bloggers participating will be sent two lip velours of their choice, and will be asked to publish two selfies across their Twitter and Instagram profiles and to use the hashtag #BeautifullyBrave.

The campaign will run for a month, and photos using the hashtag #BeautifullyBrave will be shared across the Braven Beauty Social Media profiles. This campaign is designed to increase brand awareness and encourage a community to be built around the brand.

Email Template

Subject Line: Empower Your Audience with Braven Beauty


Hello there ____________________,

We recently discovered your blog whilst searching the _____ hashtag on Instagram/Twitter.

After reading your blog and learning more about you and your interests, we would love to work with you on an upcoming campaign that we are running to help empower young women everywhere.

Braven Beauty is an ethical liquid lipsticks line dedicated to empowering young women. We launched in August 2015, and are still in the process of building our brand reputation within the beauty industry.

We will be running a campaign called "Beautifully Brave", to encourage young women to be bold and to speak up about what they are passionate about, as we truly value standing up for what you believe in here at Braven Beauty.

If you would like to participate in the campaign, what we will do is send you out two of our liquid lipsticks (of your choice) for you to try and test for yourself. After this, if you are happy to go ahead and support our brand, we would like you to take two selfies in each colour to share on Social Media using the hashtag #BeautifullyBrave. The campaign will be running for two weeks from _ to _.

We understand that as a blogger you need to be truly passionate and inspired by the products and brands you support, so whilst we hope after trying our products you would like to participate in the campaign, you will not be locked into anything.

If you are interested, please let us know and we will organise to send you out the lipsticks of your choice.

To view our range and to learn more about our brand click here: _______

With love,

Braven Beauty


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