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Lisa Nichols

Designer_Photographer @Right_Click_Design



BraveR New World- Classic Book Cover Re-Design

I remember reading Brave New World in my freshman year in high school. It as a terrifingly scary tale of a world I never wanted to inhabit. 

These are the example of covers that I located. I like the one with the big soma pill. It's a very contempory image that adds a modern twist to it. I think that a lot of people would be drawn to that image. They may also think it's a book along the lines of "Prozac Nation" too. 

This was the version I read in high school.

I hadn't seen these images before I came up with my design. I guess the baby image was quite popular!


I really like this version.  It's simple, straightforward, the colors are clinical and sterile. The simple image is cold and mysterious.  I also love the worn bottom corner.

My Design

To me the world Huxley created sounded so bleak and sterile, joyless and cold. Along that line I chose the black and white color theme for my design. I envisioned the creation of a race that could be controlled and confined. That brought to mind the factory image with all the people being produced and packaged identically. 

I also have this alternate I was working on. It's not completely finished. 

Love feedback on both!


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