Brasil Cafe

Brasil Cafe - student project

One of my current's a cafe my friends used to visit twenty years ago when it was trendy to drive into town (because we newly had cars!) just to hang out at a coffee bar. It looks pretty much as I remember it, but it's expanded. I love the ambiance here, and my favorite dish is their eggs benedict. Though...I found myself more enamored with the light, textures, and my big tea mug than anything else--I'm afraid my photos don't really focus on the food so much as the mood of being there, but I'm very happy with the result. I have a tendency to pull out fast primes and shoot shallow DOF closeups all the time--I wanted to challenge myself to step back and do something different. It took a few visits for me to work up the courage to move around enough for the best shots. As I tried out some of Daniel's suggestions, I found myself experimenting with lighting situations I never before would have considered. (Like the one with the harsh lighting, looking down at the mug.) Thanks, Daniel, this was a great experience.

Brasil Cafe - image 1 - student project

Brasil Cafe - image 2 - student project

Brasil Cafe - image 3 - student project

Brasil Cafe - image 4 - student project