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Brasil 100 years


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Being probably THE most iconic of all national teams I kept this jersey quite clean, just being white was ”new” enough, despite white was the first color of Brazils national team jerseys.

I made a centenary crest with the text ”Do nosso coraçao” meaning ”from our heart” and because Brazil is know for being very passionate about football and is't a strophe from a popular song (pra frente Brasil) made for the 1970 World Cup.

The Bagde


The centenary logo


Choosing ”client”

The first problem was choosing the ”client” for this task, probably a minor problem IRL.

I had three leads: first a celest blue third kit for my club at heart Fluminense, that would honor one of the greatest goalkeeper Brazil ever had: Castilho. 

The second lead was the story of a Rio de Janeiro club that only won the state championship once, since 1906 (!) São Cristóvão de Futebol e Regatas. The cool thing is this (copy paste from wikipedia): São Cristóvão's kit is all white. There is a FIFA, a CBF and a FFERJ rule, authorizing São Cristóvão to have just one kit. As the club does not have an away kit, their opponents have to change their kit when necessary. They are the only club in the world to have ever received this authorization from FIFA.[1]

And the third and the one I chose: 1914 was the years Brazil played there first football match ever against British club of Exeter City FC. Coincidentally thats 100 years ago and the same year that Brazil hold there second football world cup. This is probably the hardest project of those three options, but still 100 years! :-)

the 1914 kit: 


A problem I experienced as a fan is that on former world cups Brazil always has one or two matches they play in there home jerseys and the away shorts for example: (it could be an flirt with the Vatican State and the catholic church, or thats just a conspiracy of mine) ;-)

The creation of the third kit: nascimento da seleção. A problem might be that national teams just can use two kits at the world cup. 

Ideas of the centennial kit

Not just a plain copy of the 1914 kit. I want to make it more of a 100 years of Brazilian national team but with the first kit looks. 

Update!: Moodboard

To be honest I don't know where this project is heading. I been getting some inspiration in the brazilian design such as Oscar Niemeirs arcitechture and sidewalks of Rio de Janeiro, the kites of the kids, the ”fita do senhor do bomfim” a kind Brazilian ”voodoo” good luck charm, the people wearing white at new years eve for peace … 

… minimalism but in the brazilian way, I think. hmmm :-/ 

Inspiration kits: 

Some how that + brazilian madness.

UPDATE: April 28 2013

I been experiencing some (ok, HUUUGE) trouble with this, my first moodboard was made with many none conseptual thinking. Ok, here goes Brazil played there first match a hundred years ago in the Laranjeiras Stadium in Rio de Janeiro. My moodboard had some good luck charm thats is a very Bahian state souvenir or artefact. Oscar Niemayer in the other hand is from Rio but maybe thats a long shot that has little with football to do, The one thing I feelt that was in the right direction was the sidewalk patterns from Ipanema and Copacabana but those two neighborhoods has little too with football and the national team to do. PANIC! *ping* but other streets got patterns too, so I looked in google earth and found out that Rua Alvaro Chaves that is where the match was played got some patterns. I think that my lead now and the white will stand for a new start (as in the brazilian new years tradition to dress up in white) and of course the first ”selesão” kit in 1914.

Some other information. Brasil played there last official match with the white jersey at the world cup 1950 in the Maracana stadium, that match is well known as the ”Maracanazo”  roughly translated as "The Maracanã Blow" The result is considered to be one of the biggest upsets in football history when Brazil lost with 2-1 to Uruguay - Wikipedia. SO the white jersey is some edgy stuff ;-)

The Laranjeiras football stadium - the place of birth of the ”Selecão”

Maybe not the most exiting pattern but I can do something with that. Unfortunately I've been quite busy with work and family live so sketches will come up later.

UPDATE 29 April 2013: Sketches

click here for a larger picture

The Badge:

”From our heart”


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