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Brasília- SQS 316

Hi, Skillshare :)

So, I live in Brasília (Brazil) and there is this building next to mine that is very typical of the capital ("SQS 316" is where the building is located in the city). Like most residential buiIdings in Brasília, it has 6 stores, pilotis (the supports underneath) and it's very horizontal :) I reckoned it would make a nice project for this class.


Here is the process:

1. The illustration. I also started to plan how I intended to animate some parts later on.


2. Enter After Effects.  Sadly I had to recreate the whole thing inside After Effects, since I'm using CS5 and can't convert my layers into shape layers automagically. :( Also the anchor point centering had to be done by hand. I didn't find it in CS5 as well...


3. Pre-composing.Thank God. This is REALLY helpful. I mean... I have a lot of repeated elements. haha


4. Animating: fixing anchorpoints on the right spots, keyframing, scaling, easy ease, timing layers.


5.Overshooting. Fancy pants value graph editing :)


6. Export. Ready to loop, render and export to Photoshop:


7. THE END. The final animation:


This was an exciting and very useful class. Thank you, Jake! Keep it up. :)

Let me know what you guys thought of my project!


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