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Eduardo Velloso

Human Computer Interaction Researcher



Braniff Airways Rio Vintage Ad

Inspired by the example ad that Brad used (a vintage ad for flights to Geneva) I looked up similar ads but for my hometown, Rio.

I managed to find an old Braniff Airways ad (an American airline that flew to South America until the early 80's) with a very stereotypical Carmen Miranda-type woman and a man with a sombrero (we don't really wear those in Brazil, though) that I found quite amusing.

Here is the original ad.

Here is my first step with just the woman, the man and the plane, with no text or shadows. I used only the pen tool for pretty much everything. After watching other videos, I would probably have done things a little different. For example, I would probably have done the fruits with the blob brush and the leaves with the normal brush. 

I then played around a bit with the gradient tool to add some shadow to the hat. I managed to find a font online close enough to write "International" and used one of the default fonts for Braniff Airways (Franklin Gothic Heavy). I did "Rio" with the pen tool, as well as the wavy pattern. For the portuguese pavement, trademark of the beaches in Rio, I used a texture as a transparency mask.


And that's it! Hope you guys liked it! =)


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