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Brands Say

Quintessential brands create and maintain strong relationships with their target consumers. They proudly assert their values and beliefs. Their reason for being. And build relationships with those shoppers and consumers who share their values and beliefs.

Brands Say applies the same principles for building lifelong friendships to create powerful, quintessential brands.

Business model:

Applying the same principles of lifelong friendships, we create personal brands for our clients to help them form relationships to change their lives for the better.

Using an inbound new business model, we will direct clients to our free, online survey in which they will answer ten questions about their personal brand: what it stands for, how it is demonstrated in their daily life, who they hope to engage it with, etc.

With these answers we will assess client needs for reaching quintessential brand status, ranging from fresh, start-to-finish brand development to a la carte deliverables that fulfill an existing brand.

We will then co-create personal brand materials based on need-states. Typically, we will begin with a brand positioning statement to serve as the foundation and voice for subsequent deliverables.

Additional potential assets will span cover letters, resumes, business plans, case studies, thought leadership blog posts, LinkedIn posts, applications, etc.

We will submit all final documents together in an electronic package at an agreed upon deadline. Clients may also request interview and/or presentation preparation to practice speaking to their personal brand and materials.

Fees begin at $150/hour or an agreed upon flat sum with results-driven fees once objectives for personal brand materials are met.

Assets to acquire:
- Start-up capital
- Web presence
- Strategic outbound thought leadership plan
- Payment method for clients

Human resources:
- Board/leadership for guidance
- "Connectors" (until inquiries are inbound)
- Financial advisor
- Content strategy advisor

Brands Say ideal client and what they get from us:

The ideal Brands Say client knows they are ready to change their lives for the better and that they need to brand their skills and story to help them accomplish their goals.

Working with us, clients co-create an authentic, concise personal brand to connect them with stakeholders (potential employers, business partners, etc.) through shared values and beliefs.

The hard part? Getting the phones to ring, emails to ping and clients to reach out to us first.

The unique part? Applying principles of lifelong friendships, a love of writing and years of marketing experience to create personal brands that help clients fulfill their vision of a better life.

How we're going to repeat it again and again? Through our repeatable inbound model, our passion will be repeated time and time again as every new client goal is an opportunity to build better relationships, better business and better lives.

I am a freelancer. Because I love my craft, I want to bring personal brands to life through my love of writing and connecting people to one another and their best selves.


Do you need money for this business? Very little. we will need just enough to create a new laptop, decent website and a few marketing materials.

Does more money increase the chances you will reach positive cash flow? Profitability? While more money may lead to more exposure (nicer website, more marketing materials) it does not guarantee positive cash flow or profitability.

What are the assets the money will go to pay for?
- Website
- Marketing materials

How long before the money invested starts turning into money returned?

- Website: 3-4 weeks to a month (incoming business once we've told our "tribe" know about Brands Say, will take longer to get inbound new business from third party connections)

- Marketing materials: weeks to 6 months (will need to do heavylifting to ensure the materials have follow-through and are effective)

Do you hope to sell this company? No

How long will it take you to reach scale? Immediately

Given all this, and the video, what sort of funding are you seeking? Why would this investor choose your offering over all the others available?

We would strive to find an investor (individual or company) who shares our goal of helping passionate people change their lives. For example, LinkedIn and Sumry have a mutual stake in personal brands and landing prospects in their dream jobs.

We would only need a little seed money to cover the expenses above and could integrate their product(s) into our offerings.

Who are the first employees you need? A financial advisor and content strategy advisor for web presence and marketing materials.

Why would they join you? A mutual investment in doing business better. We want to know their work, values and beliefs. We know they don't need this job. They will take up the cause because they believe in it, not to pay the bills.

How will tell the good ones apart from the convenient ones? We don't have an urgent need that would cause us to settle. We can take time, find passionate people and work to convince them our business is worth their talent.

Are you asking people to do work that's been done before, or to explore the edges of the universe? I am asking my allies to do work done before so that I can explore the edges of the universe.


Brands Say
What does your brand say?

We chose Brands Say (have bid on because the name and tag line reflect our call to action to evaluate your personal brand and work with us to ensure it becomes quintessential.


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