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Brandon Wei

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Brandon's Story

Hi Leo,

Thanks for taking the time to teach this class.  I have loved storytelling and sequential arts for ages.  My first introduction to Storyboards was actually in Elementary School looking at the boards used for The Lost World: Jurassic Park.  From there my interest in the medium continued to grow.  My dream is to gain as much practice as I can and actually join a studio as a talent development, so hopefully this will be that first step!  

In no Particular Order, my stories for this project are as follows:

1.  My Thumb Got Caught while Stringing a Bow

 One Summer (or a week), I was a Lifeguard/Counselor for a Girl Scouts Day Camp. One day the activity for the girls was Archery.  The Counselor teaching them was having trouble stringing a bow.  In a clearly chauvinistic sense of pompousness, I volunteered to help.  The bow was clearly too short for the bow string, but after an immense tug I pulled and succeeded in slipping it over the limb.  But due to the sweat in the effort, the string slipped and landed...RIGHT ON MY THUMB.

After frantic force, the string was undone and I was immediately taken to the hospital.  My thumb was forced into a cast for about 2 weeks, I was fired from my job in that time, and I was unable to use my right hand for, well pretty much anything.  Sad Face.

2.  We tried to get the kids in...

One night on vacation in Mexico my sister and I decided to try to get our cousins (both underraged) into our resort's club for a night out.  We managed to get the 18+ bands on them, and my sister got them dressed and made up for possibly their first grown-up night out.  At the door, I manage to get in with the elder cousin, but the younger cousin was caught.  My sister went with the doorman and the younger cousin, while I hung with my elder cousin.  The club sucked but I got her a drink and I retold her stories of drunk memories and gave her tips on what to do when she's in college.  

3.  Up high in the air with the Greatest of Quease, is the crazy drunk man on stilts and weak knees...

After complications (a story idea in itself) leading to a late night, I woke up to attend a workshop for stiltwalking.  Tired, sore from a night of salsa dancing at Mojitos, and seriously hungover, I worried the entire time--The tallest things I'd ever had strapped onto my feet were Reeboks high tops back when I was a kid.  These things were 3 feet off the ground.  The story will focus on what happens leading up to it--i did everything I could to sober myself up.  I did pushups, I ran a mile around the building.  I threw up, I did burpees...everything that I could think of.

The teacher did roll call and asked if I was ok.  I told him I went to Mojitos.  Everybody murmured in acknowledgement.  Nervously I got on the stilts, balancing, and soon finding myself okay.  Unfortunately, from then on I became known as "Mojito.

I will try to get a more focused story out of these three.  Any suggestions?


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