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Branding package

This is my first attempt at creating a branding package for a client. I was very excited that my imaginary client is a wedding planner. I love creating feminine designs and illustrations so it was kind of perfect for me. If you enjoy this project don't forget to give it a like or comment!



My client listed Tiffany & Co and Love Luck and Angels as inspiration for her brand aesthetic. I noticed both of those brands have handwritten elements on their website, use clean and modern serif and sans-serif fonts, and do not use an icon in their logo. 

I searched for script, calligraphy and handwritten fonts on DaFont and Fontsquirrel and settled on a font called Alex Brush as the main font in my logo. I added 'events' in the font 'Old Standard' and positioned it under the client's last name.



Aubrey listed blue, light blue and navy as her favorite colors. Her style is fresh, modern and young. She is also from Sydney (Australia) which is a large city on the coast. Given this information I knew I wanted the main color for Aubrey's brand to be blue. I picked three modern shades of grayish blue. To spice it up a little I chose two shades of pink to complement the color scheme. The result is a fresh, feminine color palette perfect for a wedding planner.



I like classic combinations of serif and sans-serif fonts. Old Standard works really well for headings, Lato reads well for body content.



I created a few simple graphics for Aubrey's brand that I think will look beautiful on her stationery. There's a shiny diamond, two wedding rings, and an ampersand to symbolize union between two people.



My favorite pattern for this brand is the one with the diamonds. Somehow they lined up perfectly for a brick by brick pattern. Using the same technique I also created a pattern with little hearts. The third pattern hints at the sea (waves), and the second pattern is just a simple neutral pattern that could be used for anything.



I didn't really know what kind of products to mockup for a wedding planner. I thought a goodie bag would be fun for brides to take home after a session with Aubrey. The fabric could be used for something like a fun scarf, or maybe a dress or skirt for Aubrey to wear. Wouldn't it be cool if her outfit coordinated with her brand? I might try making some stationery later.



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