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Branding of myself - Katya Golovchyn, fashion designer


Thank you for this interesting class and amazing 2 week challenge. 

What do I sell?

Myself. My creative experience, vision and taste of beauty.

What is the price range of my products / services?

From 1000$ per month.

What 3 words best describe me?

Smart, creative, femininity.

What 3 words best describe my business?

fresh, fast, professional

What 3 words best describe my style?

ruffles, draping, unpredictability

What are my favorite brands and why?

Vera Wang - I think she really change wedding dresses and add more unexpecting details, colors and modernity.

Kricor Jabutyan - I like how he play with fine and dense fabrics and add really amazing shape with ruffles.

Valentino - I adore with his amazing needlework in tulle fabric dresses.

What's my customers emotional response to my brand and the brand experience?

They like, trust and see professional in me.

Where do I currently sell my products / services?

Now I sell I’m Ukraine, but i plan to move to other country, where i will fond work in wedding dresses brand.

Where would I like to sell my products / services in the future?

Europe, America.

Where do I see my business in 1 Year

I work in huge fashion brand in Italy and made small projects for my own brand.

5 years

I work in huge fashion brand in London and have my own fashion label.

10 years

I work in my own fashion label and have 10 shops in fashion capitals over the world.

Who is my ideal customer / client?

Fashion label, who want to ann more fresh and contemporary ideas to this design.

What's my brand name?

Katya Golovchyn

My rerfect clients with who I want to work:


And perfekt logo examples in the same time.

to be continued...


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