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Jéssica Carmona

Startup Digital Marketing Strategist



Branding for Startups: Building a Powerful Brand Persona Through Archetypes


This class is intended for all marketers and business owners that need to set the tone of their startup voice and define a branding strategy. There is many methodologies you can use to do this, but I'm gonna introduce you to the one Coca Cola, Nike, Skittles and many other successful brands follow: Branding through Archetypes. Hope you'll get as excited as I am to unravel the world of archetypes while we build together your brand persona and understand how to incorporate it, step by step! 

First we'll talk about what is an archetype, where this concept came from, and go over some case studies to make sure you got the general idea. Then we'll start the analysis of both your business and your market as you'll learn how to apply your newly acquired knowledge to your actual business.


  • Identify a brand persona for your brand
  • Use your newly identified brand persona in 3 different communication networks of your choice (i.e. Social Media, Email Marketing, Blog, etc.)
  • Create a short presentation of your branding strategy so you'll have it ready prepared for your own consultation and/or to help with the training of new employees.

You'll end this class with a brand new persona and at least 3 real life applications as an exercise. I'm looking forward to see your projects!


The Hero and the Outlaw: Building Extraordinary Brands Through the Power of Archetypes


Check it here!


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