Branding for Beginners : Advertising, Marketing Public Relations and Social Media, what's the difference?

Have you heard the terms Public Relations? Advertising? Marketing? or Social Media? Do you know what the differences are? Do you know if you need them/how to use them? Do you want to know how each of them can support your business? 

Although these communication practices are heavily intertwined, there are big differences when handling the strategy and execution of each. This beginner's class will help you differentiate between public relations, advertising, marketing and social media. You will learn when each of them are affective and which strategies are right for your busines at different stages of its growth.

In this 90 minute online session, Students will takeaway:

- The differences between advertising, marketing, public relations and social media.

- How to determine which method is right for your business.

- When to use each discipline and the results you should look for.

- Cost/Structure of the communication mediums.

In this class, you'll find out which of the communications strategies you need, when you may need them and when to start planning. You'll learn the basics of each industry so that you can make well-defined decisions on how to spend your budget and how to measure those results to your bottom line.

You will also receive the powerpoint presentation discussed in this lecture for you to keep and refer to in the future. 




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