Branding change to build promotion!

There's no better time for change than the now, right?? I've been wanting to update and redo the branding for my photography business... now that I know PhotoShop a heck of a lot better, I've been pitching some ideas to myself about how I might like the updated brand to appear-- I also need to do a website overhaul, start my blog again, and it would be a great thing to introduce the new site and the updated branding together- (in my dreams).

I would just like to get a kick start on this project and learn all I can about social media strategies I may not have emplored yet to get the branding going.

Yay, for online and at my own <family, work, kids, pregnancy, house guests> pace!

web: jamiestarrphoto.com

fb: Jamie Starr Photography

twitter: @jamiestarrphoto

Not on G+ yet-- how?


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