Branding as Makeup Education

Branding as Makeup Education - student project

I'm taking this class in an effort to develop the identity of my makeup business. I do take makeup jobs but with this I want to address the educational part where I  teach women how to do their own makeup to suit their lifestyle and kinda stir them away from the (overdone) current trending makeup looks promoted online.

1. Brand analogies

I wrote this on a tiny piece of paper while traveling so here's the transcript.

country -France,

destination -urban,

store -Mango,

artist -Scarlet Johansson,

drink -Sweeps Bitter Lemon,

color -Pinkish Red,

car -Mercedes Benz,

movie -Almost Famous,

animal -Squirrel. 

This just came out at first thought, some don't make any sense, I know!

2. Scale

Then I have the words to describe, very much the same, just being spontaneous in my answers:

modern, witty, sophisticated, muted, mature, expressive, adventurous.

3. Brand paragraph

  • A first take:

Sophisticated and modern makeup looks for adventurous women, using a witty and expressive approach.

  • Second try:

My teaching approach is designed for the sophisticated and modern woman who enjoys expressing her witty style through makeup. She likes to offset her adventurous personality with mature and muted color makeup looks.

So what do you think, do you see consistency? Can you decide from my paragraph if my business is for you or not?

This is my new website  for English blog. I have another one where I blog in my native language for the last 2 years.

I am using my own name for the website but I have developed the concept of Makeup Wardrobe for makeup education and I'm teaching under this series name here on Skillshare. 

MY FIRST CONUNDRUM:do I promote Makeup Wardrobe or my name? We are the same at this point but what if I decide to add illustrations to my website in the future? 

 Any input is welcomed and appreciated! And thanks for reading until the end :)

Mira Metzler
Mixed Media Artist