Branding a Freelance Identity (Logo Design/Development) Project

In order to come up with a brand concept, I first needed to explore my client's work and
her inspirational source and a bit of her history for better ground to plant a suitable identity for her freelancing brand.

My first step was to look into her work and her style,

It's beautiful, aesthetically pleasing.

She's an illustration artist and a character designer who's currently a student in London.

Here are some examples of her work.

Lisa Lan's Artworks

-At just 20 years old, Lisa Lan is creating such beautiful artwork that people are commissioning her for tattoo designs, album covers, T-shirts, exhebition and much more. Considering her combination of perfect anatomical composition and whimsical surrealism, it’s easy to see why. Using variety of tools – from graphite, to watercolor, to aerosol. Her artwork often explores mythology & mysticism within human expression that meets the eyes. 

She does not stop here; Lisa Lan continues to devote her time to develop her animation skills for greater story telling along with her illustration skills. As a result, this young Illustrator and character designer needed her own corporate freelance identity that ties with her further disciplines in the professional world. 

I usually don't go straight to sketch a logo before I come up with a solid brand concept using keywords of inspiration. In this case the keyword I chose is; 




-female energy (-)


-creative, emotional, expressive,

From these words, I started to visualize how the look and feel of this brand might be.

Then I ended up sketching it anyway,..

So below. the sketch


From this here now on,, is a little fairy taily~ story presentation for Lisa's branding.
This will tell a story of how it came to be a logo and the whole concept behind. (wish skillshare enable us to upload PDF files as well..) 


Typeface that I used.

-Monotype Corsiva

Printed Stationary Design


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