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Branding Skene 1929

Lesson One 


Skene 1929 is a creative blog celebrating work at the intersection of art architecture and design. The blog will feature works from film production design, art direction and set design. While this is the primary objective it will also showcase work storefront design, fashion show production event and museum design and finally instiallations. It is a blog celebrating the contibution of environments  in telling a story and creating experiences. Celebrating and bringing to the forefront environments and backgrounds.

Production Design and Sets: Prometheus

Fashion Shows: Bureau Betak

Events: Preston Bailey


Art Direction/Set Design: Tim Walker and Shona Heath

The name Skene 1929 is born out of  skenographia/ scenography   (the art of set design) the skene  (background in greek theatre and 1929 the year in which production designer in film was formally recognized when William Cameron Menzies won Academy Award for Gone with th Wind as the first production designer. 

I would like to design a logo that utilizes has an icon/pictorial image and typogrpahy. There are not many blogs wbsites specifically focused on the art of film production design and set design. The few that exisit are utilize typograph. I think having an pictorial element will differentiate me:

Art DepartMENTAL; SDSA; Art Directors Guild

It has to appeal to various ages within the creative industry. It has to appeal to established professionals, artists, set desigenrs  production designers and designers. Based on my own experience for seeking more information on st design I also want it to be an educational resourse for young people, possibly in college. Therefore my logo has to be professional while appealing to mutiple ages. 

Target Audience

  • Various industry creatives  (production designers, set designers, film industry artists, designers fashion  .)
  • Students or young creatives seeking resources
  • Ages 18-60
  • College Educated
  • Various locations - mostly urban areas - NYC LA 

 Lesson 2: Logo

These are my logos sketches . They are mostly typogrograpy based. I need help creating a pictorial logo scenography and set design,  literally referencing architecture. I keep looking for an abstract concept like the Nike logo which references  the wing of the Greek Goddess of without toad getting things done to represent athletes achieving their goals.

I am researching the history of scenography. Scenography emerged from tradition of Greek Theatre. Looking at how greek theatre was a way of storytelling for the public. Playing with the idea "bringing background to the forefrontspecter word "spectacle" and the god Bacchus but so far no strong pictorial image come to mind. So if you guys have any ideas for pictorial logos that would be great.


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