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David (Bruckaroni) Bruck

Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Animator



Branding Myself - Bruckaroni Toys n' Thangs

Here is my Logo Design Brief. Looking forward to starting class 2 and developing my logo!


I have also attached a larger version of some of my favorite logos since it is a bit hard to read


Here is the Mission Statement for my Brand :)


Hey guys! Here are my Brand Questionnaire answers which were super helpful in coming up with my Brand Mission Statement right above.



Hey guys! I've been going by the artist name Bruckaroni for about 7 or 8 years now. I kinda branded myself about 3 years ago not really knowing what I was doing or completyely where I wanted to end up. Now I'm throwing all that out the window and starting fresh and planning to build my brand from the ground up this time and with a clearer focus!

Here is a picture of my mind dump.


I have also created a mood board for some things my target customer may be interested in, what their rooms may look like, what they might dress like and what they may be into. It wasn't too hard for me to decide this because I am essentially my target audience.



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