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Branding Knife & Tine

I designed a logo for my brother's restaruant and wanted to provide a professional branding identity sheet to showcase all of the elements. I've done this before, but after seeing some of the really nice one on Pinterest, I decided to step my game up. I didn't have a creative brief or a mood board, so I created those for this class, but I think they will be helpful in the future as I flesh out other collateral. Here they are:

** UPDATE 07.25.14 **

It's been a couple of months since the restaurant has opened, so I thought I'd update this project with how some of the brand elements have been used.




I've also done t-shirts and their website (

It's been super fun to design all of these pieces. There were so many challenges and each one required taking a step back and viewing the piece from the customers perspective. I've learned so much. I'm looking forward to some phase two projects like branding their pie boxes and to-go bags. Having the branding guide has made designing the different assets so easy. I don't think I would have had patterns this early in the game, but it's been great having them to use on different collateral.

I also had the pleasure of meeting Frances Macleod, she is the designer of the font Abraham Lincoln which is the main font I used. She is amazing! I was nervous meeting her, but she's down to earth and very nice. I gave her a set of the super exclusive letterpressed coasters and she said it was one of the coolest uses she'd seen of 'Abe.'


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