Branding Dot Oddity Surface Design & Illustration

Hi! I have a surface design business (barely started) and a blog called Dot Oddity. Since starting last year I struggle to find a consistent look and feel to the project.  What I have now, more or less visualize what I found filling out these branding exercises by Faye. So in a way I suppose I'm on the right track, BUT the Scandinavian part of me (being Swedish) might want something more clean and graphical as well. I don't know how to combine these two sides... I also started a more "serious" illustration studio under another label for medical and editorial illustration. Should I keep them strictly apart or make them siblings? The names share some features..

The style of my design (for kids) looks like this exampel:


For adults more like this:


I am now diving into the logotype course and will try to take the time to upload some exercises there too! I would really, really, really LOVE all input I can get from you all or Faye, when she has the time. THANKS!


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