Branding ... ME!

Hi! My name's Alicia. I am an Interior Design Grad Working as a Graphic Designer... I followed my husband for his work... and Got to the UK at sort of a bad time... not a lot of work available for a fresh Interior Design/Architect Graduate... so I am working as a graphic designer and Loving it! I wanted to take this class to prove to myself that there is so much I can do to improve my own brand... and that Marketing yourself is 3/4 the battle. I sketched a bit first to try to sort out what I wanted to convey about myself and my "brand" or how I design, and hope to come up with something better that what I have already developed.

So I started with finding some inspiration and sorted through some of my favorite designs and logos and branding work to filter what I like and also select elements from these that I would like to incorporate into my logo. (Not all of them of course ;)


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