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"Who's the Owner of Your Brand?"

There are so many social networks out there, and user needs to log into each one to manage it - replies,likes, direct messages, requests and etc...

A lot of businesses utilize social networks as helpdesk or support tools - I've used Twitter before as a support system - collecting feedback, replying to customer's concerns/questions, but I've found that loggin into different accounts has been somewhat of a hassle.

BrandOwner is a tool for businesses to manage all their social networks from one place, one dashboard.

May be someone wants to use Twitter and Facebook to manage what users are talking about of their product?

Use twitter as support system, respond to users when someone mentions them in their tweet - even if its just as simple as saying "Thank you", which goes a long way :)

1. User signs up.

2. Enters their usernames for facebook, twitter, linkedin - these 3 major social networks would be set up for website launch, and later on more social networks will be added through API availability.

3. Through a dashboard layout, users will be able to see their whole picture


At the moment in process of setting up a landing page.

Finalizing logo and colors - thinking of going with #183693 & #00405d


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