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Desiree Vaniecia

Graphic Designer/ Illustrator/ Photographer



Brand New

For my poster, I decided to focus on one of my favorite bands Brand New. They just recently released a song called "I Am A Nightmare," so my poster was heavily inspired by this song. This was a first for me, normally I could easily create a design for a band but for this one, I had to really do research, look at the lyrics and pick and choose different parts that I wanted to be represented into the poster. 

Beginning: After listening to the song on repeat for awhile, I wrote out a list of things that stood out in the song. There were themes that were represented such as love, fighting, failure, and surrender. I also picked out lyrics that really stood out to me such as "Coming out of the ground, it's kind of freaking me out" and "I fall asleep holding your hand." With these ideas in mind, I did a little research and found this really fun image created by the artist Oxboxer that was about Adventure Time. 


I was heavily inspired by this image but I did switch it up by adding a "nightmarish" effect to it. 

Here are my original brainstorming and a rough sketch of my concept. From there I was able to get to get an idea of how everything will be placed, I wanted to also do my own lettering, so I practice with different typefaces and also how I would lay them out on the poster. This is my final rough sketch. 


The next step for me is to ink and digitize. I am a little nervous going into the coloring stage because I feel as though I have a lot of details in my rough sketch. 

Update: June 8, 2016

Finally finished! I am so proud of this poster, I wish I could have it printed but I am broke so I will settle for the computer version of it. I am pretty happy with how this turned out and I like how rough it looks cause it goes with the song that I based the poster off of. Here is my process for coloring the poster.

I first started off by going back over my drawing with ink and then scanned everything in. Once I did this, I rearranged my elements and begin using black/white/gray to get an idea of what colors I would be using.


Then I added color to the final design.


You can also find my poster design on Behance.

Thank you!


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